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The Importance of Horse Exercise

Horses are large active animals that need a good amount of exercise every day to stay health and fit! A free free roaming horse will get its exercise easily. It will naturally walk, trot, and occasionally lope about as the mood strikes. In an open environment they will often travel many miles in a single […]

Horse Walker 40 Second Preview

Watch this brief video showing an Elite Equestrian Horse Walker in action.

John Omeara Testimonial Video

Listen as John Omeara talks about his Elite Equestrian Horse Walker and why he chose the features you’ll see.

Brand New Horse Walker Photoshoot

Elite Equestrian Products just finished building a brand new Horse Walker in the heart of Horse Country: Lexington, KY. Please browse the images below, and if you have any questions about our Horse Walkers, please feel free to contact us at 800.544.5819.

How Often Should You Exercise Your Horse?

Researchers have found that just one hour of exercise a day takes the edge off of stabled horses. They also studied whether or not the four different forms of exercise: the horse walker, treadmill, turnout and recreational riding, were equally effective in reducing unwanted behavior from horses housed in stalls. Two dozen thoroughbreds and part-thoroughbreds […]